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What is copy trading or cloned/mirror trading?
Unfortunately 95% of all traders lose money when trading Forex.

Most 'gurus' and education programs are no different and only give poor advice which ends up costing the customer more money on top of the trades they lose.

Use common sense before hiring a company to train you, think about it-If the teacher/company was so good at trading Forex, why would they train others instead of just trading themselves?

The reason is because its easy to to tell others what works and what doesn't in theory and most of them cant trade successfully so they resort to charging commission to teach.

That's where our copy trading signal comes in. We have a team of developers that have created our proprietary software and algorithms along with a live trading team that places and monitors each trade from start to finish achieving our clients 10-20%+ average monthly returns*.

Before you pay any company for education ask them if you can copy their trades for a week, if they can't or wont let you, run away!

What brokers do you work with?

Clients can use any broker they want for the most part as we are integrated with over 500 worldwide brokers.

What markets do you trade?

We trade the London Session and the begining of the USA Session. We are intraday traders so trades are usually in and out within the same day and we shoot for an average of 20-50+ PIPS per trade.
How do I get started?

Click the 'signup' button to buy a monthly subscription to our copy trading service

Do you offer managed accounts?

4XCLONE and its representatives are not licensed and/or registered investment advisers and do not offer managed or partially-managed accounts.

We sell the license to copy trade our algorithms for their individual trading purposes.

What is your refund policy?

We encourage our customers to take a long-term perspective when using our algorithms and therefore do not provide refunds. Our contract states all sales are final.

Measure your results compared to the performance of the S&P 500 and see the difference.

How often do you trade?

On average the 4xclone signal will trade up to 0-6 trades each day during the London session mostly. There can be some days where we will not trade if the market conditions are not optimal. Don't be alarmed if you don't see trades happening and vice versa if you see many trades occurring as this is normal behavior.

How much money do i need to trade live with you?

We recommend that you should trade with at least $2500+ for copy trading and $500+ for signals which will allow you to increase your account as you build your balance up and see positive results. We have traders start with a smaller amount to test us out as well as very large traders with high balances. Our service is set to ratio your balance of trades with the 4xclone signal so your trades are always exactly proportionate to ours no matter what your account balance is.
Do I need to keep my computer on at all times to run MT4?

No! Our cloud service allows traders to not have to run their broker account on a computer so you can simply login to mt4 on your phone, tablet, or computer at any time to see real-time stats.

Do you use stop loss?

Yes, our trading team uses a hard stop loss on all trades but many times if a trade reverses you will be out of the trade far sooner than taking a full stop loss which allows you to lose less on trade reversals. The same is true for take profit as we will set a hard take profit limit but many times the trades will go far beyond the TP which allows you to maximize your earnings to make the most out of each trade.
Can I still place my own trades while using the 4xclone signal?

We don't recommend making your own trades while your account is linked to our signal as it can cause errors and effect margin amounts for your trades. If you want to trade on your own, either setup a different account or dont run the 4xclone signal at the same time.

Do I need to open/close trades myself?

No. All the trading is fully automated by our signal so you don't need to do anything.

Do you offer Forex Signals?

YES! We offer the same trades as our copy trading clients in the form of a signal with entry, stop loss, and take profit. The only difference is that the client will trade these trades manually instead of automated. We send all signals live in realtime via push notification and email. Click the Signup button to buy a monthly subscription to our copy trading service

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* Results from backtesting are not indicative of future performance or success.

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